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Aparthotel Neptun Balatonfüred

8230 Balatonfüred, Mikszáth u.12
Tel: +36-30-9971-344


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Welcome to our Website.

Discover Lake Balaton and its always renewing surroundings, have a trip in the region, enjoy its gastronomy and taste its wines, enjoy the cultural events of Balatonfüred all the year round and spend a few days at Aparthotel Neptun where you are always welcome with your family and friends.

Balatonfüred is a charming spa and small town on the Northern shore of Lake Balaton.
You may come on rails, on road or on water, on arriving in the town you will immediately feel the harmonical combination of past and present. Ancient residential districts, historical buildings, churches and vineyards will attract all visitors.

The tourism of Balatonfüred has a long history in the last centuries, the town obtained various titles: the title of the first spa in Hungary in 1971, the title of the International Town of Grape and Wine in 1987, and the honorary title of the Hungarian City of Culture in 2009.

The traditional events in the town – Anna-Ball, Wine Festival, Blue Ribbon Regatta – welcome guests arriving hier first time or visitors coming back every year.

Come to visit us, we are pleased to meet you:

Rita Horváth and György Soponyai 




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